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Always Keep Your Doors Open

About two months ago a group of 14 year old boys (3 to be exact) knocked on our doorstep and walked right in.   Now our doors are open to virtually anyone and anything, but first-timers usually say hello and introduce themselves before walking in.

These kids didnt.  

So they walked in and one of them started immediately rambling on about their accomplishments and asking how “we (Flat6Labs) can help them.”  It turned out that these kids - who go by the name of NEXT Juniors - already had a successful track record of hosting events with the aim of teaching coding to students.  

Heres their bio in Arabic:

نكست جونيورز هو مشروع لتعليم طلبة المدارس كيفية كتابة لغات برمجة الكمبيوتر وتعليمهم المزيد عن ريادة الأعمال. يدعم فريق نكست جونيورز الطلبة لإقامة مشاريع ناشئة عن طريق تنظيم مؤتمر شهري يضم خبراء ريادة الأعمال، كما يقوم بعمل مسابقة صيفية لأفضل تطبيق ومشروع ناشئ


Anyways, the team rubbed us the right way and were the epitome of what we like to see in our more mature and developed entrepreneurs.  We couldn’t give them seed-funding nor take equity from their “company” (I dont think their parents would’ve wanted that either) - but we did offer them office space to work out of for the entire summer with their commitment that they would host at least two more “coding” lectures or academies under our supervision, support, and guidance.

Theyre first event was on July 31st, 2013 and was hosted @ our premises here in the Flat6Labs Auditorium.  There was a turn out of about 15 students who all came on a bus from various schools (mind you everything thats going on in the country politically, they still came, some against their parents will). 

Lessons learned:  

  • Always keep your door open - you never know who may come a knockin’
  • The youth are often times the most coachable
  • There is a high demand for coding amongst students across Egypt


We will keep you posted about their upcoming event!